Consulting services

Preferred Quality Grain, LLC is the successor partnership to Cato Analytics, LLC, an agribusiness consulting firm established in 2007 by Dan Conable and Chuck Kyle.  Under that business name, the principals put together teams to undertake research consulting on state and federal grants in collaboration with universities and other consulting groups, worked with bioenergy startups and other innovative agriculture-based businesses, and advised farmers on business planning and enterprise management.
Supply chain consulting

We have years experience in modelling agricultural and forestry supply systems, helping clients understand what they will need to pay to obtain all of their input requirements from a particular region.  We have developed purchase contracts and specifications around client needs, and implemented procurement programs for two firms that were new to agricultural commodity trade.  We have also conducted sensitivity analyses to help clients evaluate the economics of going upstream to control the input supply, vs. simply publicizing a price and purchase parameters to producers at large.  These services will still be made available by Preferred Quality Grain, LLC, but with a focus on grain and oilseed procurement, rather than the broader range of commodities we have worked with in the past.  Contact Dan Conable to discuss your project.

Specialty cropping systems
Sourcing specialty crops

If you are an end-user of small grains, oilseeds, or other field crops in the Northeast, and are having trouble obtaining the inputs you need at a price you can afford, we would like to help you line up capable growers who are ready to supply you by contract or some other form of prior understanding acceptable to both sides.  We are not grain dealers or aggregators of others' crops.  Our businesses are focused on selling the equipment required for producers and end-users to handle grain efficiently, with minimum loss of quality, and on supplying cleaning and drying services to farms in our region that want to outsource some of those services for grain that they own and will sell independently to customers they have developed on their own, or that we have introduced.  


If you are looking for new supplies of organic and other specialty field crops, contact Dan or Chuck to explain what you need.

We are available to build a bridge between demanding end-users of agricultural products and producers by helping the end-users define the production protocols required to obtain the quality and type of products they are looking for.  We know farmers, and are well-positioned to translate producer requirements in guidelines and procedures that can be implemented by a capable farming enterprise.  Contact Chuck Kyle to discuss your product needs.

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