Grain cleaning services

Preferred Quality Grain, LLC

We will expand the facilties designed to handle our own organic and other grain crops to handle other farmer's crops, on a fee basis, during the summer of 2017.  We are reaching out to other organic and specialty grain producers to who would like to use our services in the fall of 2017 and subsequent years.  We are also available to help other farmers or landowners grow and market organic and other specialty grain on a collaborative basis.

We are planning to install a cleaning system capable of achieving milling or seed standards, with associated weighing, truck unloading and loading capacity.  Contact us if you will have crops that need cleaning -- either organic or conventional -- from this coming year's harvest.

Grain drying and storage

We can provide drying for both organic and conventional crops, subject to prior agreement so we're sure we'll have the bin drying space available when you need it.  We will not be in a position to store grain for our clients under normal circumstances, but will be happy to explore installing storage capacity to meet clients' specific needs on our site, subject to a multi-year lease agreement on terms satisfactory to both parties.

Growing specialty grain on your land

Getting land ready to produce organic crops is a multi-year process, with a good deal of paperwork involved.  We understand the system, and are interested both in renting land and/or helping other farmers convert their land to organic crop production within the Central New York region where we operate.  The returns to organic land, under a well-managed and efficient cropping system, are much better than can be achieved with conventional crops.  Contact Dan or Chuck if you would like to explore new uses for the land you own or rent.

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